Get New Six Pack & Punch 1/8 Tires from Duratrax either Mounted or Unmounted

Get New Six Pack & Punch 1/8 Tires from Duratrax either Mounted or Unmounted  

Duratrax as a pair of new tires, the Six Pack and Punch designed for bashers and loose conditions and more.  Each is available All are available mounted or unmounted on black spoke, white dish or black chrome spoke wheels with C2 soft compound and include foam inserts.


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Veles 29? Brushless Catamaran RTR by ProBoat

Veles 29″ Brushless Catamaran RTR by ProBoat

The Veles 29-inch Catamaran looks as good as it performs. It has much in common with the Blackjack 29, but has some new tricks up its sleeve-including an all-new hull and a 6-pole 2000Kv motor that is more efficient and powerful. On 4S Li-Po, the motor can propel the boat to 45+ miles per hour. With 6S power, this boat can hit speeds of 50+ miles per hour. The Veles 29 has an anodized, inline, adjustable propeller strut, offset rudder with water pick up, and stainless steel propeller. This boat is responsive and predictable, making it easy to drive. Whether this is your first RC watercraft or you’ve been driving boats for years, you’ll love the speed, power and handling of this slick catamaran.


Hand-laid Fiberglass Composite Hull and Canopy

Laid in three layers of fiberglass and hardened with high-strength resin, the hull and canopy are built to last! The hull’s stiffness allows it to be more predictable-it deforms far less than heat-molded hulls and can withstand speeds in which most heat-molded hulls would fold. Fiberglass constructed hulls are built for performance just like the real boats you see racing offshore.

Optimized Hull Design

The new hull design features redesigned, stepped ride pads like real 1:1 catamarans. These steps give the boat a smoother ride along the water and ultimately provide more precise steering responses. The hull’s design merges the best features of Pro Boat models such as the Miss Geico and Blackjack 29. The canopy has four thumbscrews that secure the hatch in case of crashes.

Removable Injection-Molded Interior

Thanks to the interior’s composite material, there’s no need for an inner wood structure. To remove the interior, simply unbolt it for servicing.

Powerful 2000Kv 6-Pole Marine Motor

This powerful 36×56 mm motor features the same Kv as the motors of our other 29-inch boats, but offers more speed on less voltage when paired with the new stainless steel propeller included with the boat. You no longer need to run 6S power to get 6S speeds.

Adjustable Aluminum Propeller Strut

The adjustable aluminum propeller strut lets you completely tune your boat for optimal performance in changing water and wind conditions. The flat bottom on the propeller strut acts like a trim tab and makes adjustments much more precise. With the new propeller strut, even small adjustments go a long way.

Break-Away Rudder with Water Inlet

The Veles uses a break-away rudder to safeguard the rudder and transom from floating objects or in the event the boat runs on shore. The water inlet helps cool the electronics even at low speeds and increases flow with forward momentum.

Spektrum™ DX2E 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver

The Spektrum DX2E 2.4 radio system and receiver with DSMR protocol provides precision and total control. The DX2E allows you to properly adjust your rudder travel. Other features include low-battery detection and failsafe.

High-Torque Waterproof Steering Servo

The high-torque steering servo offers peace of mind because the boat will stay in the direction you point it despite tricky water conditions.

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Carlos Sikora trifecta at ADORC Rd3

This past weekend, the third round of the Asociacion Dominicana de Radio Control was held at the La Lometa R/C track. 47 drivers attended the race in Buggy, Truggy, E-Buggy, Stadium Truck and Short Course Truck. The track was simply the best track ever built in Dominican Republic. Promoters Keenan White and Alex Wachsmann did an amazing job! The weather was perfect and drivers were at the top of their game.

Nitro Buggy was the biggest class and saw JQ’s Carlos Sikora take the win from TLR’s Elvin Alba in second and Mugen driver Keenan White in third. In Nitro Truggy it was again Carlos Sikora who took the win in front of TLR’s Luis García in second and Keenan White in third. Also Carlos Sikora brought home the win from in E-Buggy from Luis García and Luis Pagan. Luis García grabbed the win in Stadium Truck from Elvin Alba in second and Luis Pagan in third. In Short Course Truck it was TLR’s Chayanne Melo who took the win in front of Dulce Wiese and Manuel Jaquez in second and third respectively.


Thanks to Frank A. Losada for the report.

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Which body is this?

I got this jeep in a trade. It has no brand markings but it seems to be scaled for a 12in gi Joe like the Hasbro bodies. I’m building a scale rig out of it, I’d just like to know about this body in case anyone asks or I want to try and find a windshield or something.

My Siamese cat apparently wanted to be on the internet’s too, she wouldn’t move.

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Newbie's First build

I’m new to the RC world and having a great time with it. I got into the Hobby by building Racing Drones. Had way more fun building than I did flying. I picked up a Axial Wraith Spawn kit at my LHS. Put it together and played for a week or two with it. That was fun but way to slow for me. Started with a few mods here and there. Then it turned into complete tear down and custom rebuild. Hope you like. Below is my list of parts:

Axial Wraith Kit
Axial Exo
DMG Long Back Trailing arm stiffy kit
Hot Racing Aluminum Skid Plate
Wertymade Fwd Batt Mount

Tekin Pro4 3300kv
Mamba X
SSD 2 Speed

Spektrum A320 (Trans Shift)
Hitec HS-7955TG (steering)
Servo Horn

PL Powerstroke Front
PL Ultra Resivoir
PL Rear spring assortment
30 Wt Shock Oil

Body Panels
AMF Side Panels
Hood V2
Roof V5 Starlitt w/light kit

SSD Yeti wide axle
Incision Spool Locker
VP Yeti Trailing Arms
VP AR60 Shock Mount
VP Titanium Yeti Rear Upper Links
Axial HD Bevel Underdrive Gears
MIP Yeti Rear C-Drive
VP SLW 350 Hubs

Front End
GPM Alloy Bulkhead
Axial Yeti Front Locker
Axial HD Bevel OD Gears
Axial Universal Axle 92MM
GPM Front Toe Blocks
VP Front Skid Plate
GPM Exo Front Shock Tower
GPM Exo Front Chassis Brace
GPM Exo Steering Assembly
Axial Exo Steering Posts
RPM Yeti Front A Arms
Axial Yeti Front Bumper Set
HR Yeti King Pins
VP Yeti Front Shock Adj
VP Yeti Front Knuckles
VP Yeti Front Caster Blocks
Incision 1/4 SS Front Links
VP SLW 350 Hubs

PL Hyrax G8 Rock Terrain
PL 2.2 Single Stage Foam

Futaba 4PV
Futaba R304SB

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XRS Germany Rd1 report


The Panik Raceway hosted the first race of the XRAY Racing Series Offroad in Troisdorf, Germany. Almost 40 drivers will fighting for the victory in 2WD and 4WD buggy as well as in Truck and a fun class on a 250 meter long track made in artificial grass. After a rainy’s Saturday, the sun came out on Sunday. In Buggy 2WD, Luxembourger Tom Maquel started off the pole and won the first two finals. Marcel Schneider, who won the third finals, finished second and Jens Becker in third.

2WD A-main results:

  1. Tom Maquel – Team C
  2. Marc Schneider
  3. Jens Becker – XRAY XB2
  4. Paul Siebers
  5. Lukas Ritz

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XRAY’s Jens Becker sweeps the 4WD class by wining all three finals from the pole. Tom Maquel, coming from the 4 spot on the grid, finished in second and Lukas Ritz rounded out the podium in third.

4WD A-main results:

  1. Jens Becker – XRAY XB4
  2. Tom Maquel – Team C
  3. Lukas Ritz
  4. Marcel Schneider
  5. Vanessa Wende

The Truck class was the domain of the local squad and boss of the team Panic, Guido Kraft. Three victories in the predecessors followed two victories in the finals. His club colleagues, Ralf Weyl and Paul Siebers, accompanied Guido Kraft on the podium.

Truck A-main results:

  1. Guido Kraft
  2. Ralf Weyl
  3. Paul Siebers
  4. Walter Hornung
  5. Tomas Schwarz

The fun class saw a battle beetwen two teenagers and two seniors (40 plus) from the Panic team Troisdorf. Nathanael Zarth, one of the youths one took the win from two seniors, Marcus Steinbüchel and Michael Sumann while Max Ehrenstein came in fourth.

Fun A-main results:

  1. Nathanel Zarth
  2. Marcus Steinbuchel
  3. Michael Sumann
  4. Max Ehrenstein

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