Defender inner fender relocation?

Hi all, I’ve been lurking here for a while. Thinking about buying a TRX-4 Defender. I wondered if anyone had relocated their fenders to the chassis? I saw one thread on here describing this, but unfortunately the pics weren’t showing up.

I see that the new Broncos have fenders on the chassis and it seems like that would be better than having them on the body.

The Bronco looks nice and scale, but I’d really rather have the Defender body, even as heavy as they say it is.

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Pro-Line LED Light Bar & Roof Rack Install

While working on one of our project trucks, it was time to install a light bar for a little bit more detail and we decided to turn the camera on while doing it. We turned to Pro-Line Racing for their scale and detail accessories and decided to install their Light Bar along with their Roof Rack. In this video, we show off these accessories and give you some tips along the way on how to install them on your custom RC machine.

Pro-Line LED Light Bars:

Pro-Line 4″ Super-Bright LED Light Bar-
Pro-Line Roof Rack-
Pro-Line Bronco Body-
Pro-Line Trail Cage-
Wire Extension-

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