Yearly vehicle inspections?

Texas is considering doing away with vehicle safety inspections, I’m for it, not because it saves me a little money but because it save me time on getting 3 vehicles inspected that I know are road worthy. I know there are many other states that don’t have them and do fine, I was wondering what everybody’s opinion was on this?

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3D printed 1.55 wheels/ need feedback

I can design a 1.55 wheel within 30 minutes. however.. I need some feedback from you guys.

q1: glue on, beadlock, glue on 2 piece, beadlock 3 piece, or all of these designs?

q2: separate hub for sure.. 5 lug or 6 lug?

q3: 26mm wide or 28mm wide

q4: flipable for different offset or same offset on both sided for directional styles.

q5: is this even worth it to you guys?

I want to become a vendor and need to know a few things. I wont only be doing rims though. this is just some feedback I need for the rims. “thumbsup”

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Bomber electronics setup

I’ve built my bomber with a Xerun SCT Pro 120A ESC and a Xerun 3656SD 3400kv motor on 2s LiPo.
It backflips when accelerating and flips forward immediately when I let throttle go.
Powerful motor though as my Bomber is quite heavy and it flips really easy forward or backward…
I have switched the standard gearing for Robinson Racing spur & pinion setup with the same sizes as stock.

Any tips on a good setup for mainly trail running and light crawling with it?
Currently drag brake is 100%, max brake 100%, initial brake = drag brake and punch is at level 9.
So all is set at maximum, it was delivered to me this way, and not on the default settings…

I’d probably need some drag brake for the light crawling, enough for it to not roll backwards, and low enough for it to not flip when I let throttle go on higher speeds, but some tips on the settings are appreciated as it is my first higher end brushless crawler/trailer

Also as the Xerun multifunction LCD program box needs both the signal cable to the receiver and another cable to the program port connected so I need to pull the Bomber apart every time I want to change settings in my ESC, not an ideal situation, how do you guys do that?

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Are you ready for 2017 1/8 FEMCA Championships?

Source: Aussie RC

The 2017 1/8 FEMCA Championships will return to Australian soil this year, more precisely at the Model Off Road Buggy Club (MORBC) from October 4-8, in Perth, WA. If you’re getting that deja vu feeling, it is because the same event was held at the MORBC just 2 years ago.

The FEMCA event in 2015 was an absolute cracker of a show, and kickstarted the push for MORBC to host the upcoming 2018 IFMAR 1/8 Off Road Worlds next year, potentially the biggest RC event to come to Australian soils in a very long time! 

If you haven’t been to MORBC before, check out this awesome promotional video:

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