Stock Link Pivot Balls

Looking for a source for the correct pivot balls for the stock links. I picked up a MRC with the DP torsion chassis that I’m not really digging. Just bought some links and will pick up a different chassis, but I need some balls for them. Anybody know where I can get them? Any suggestions for good chassis for replacement also? Thanks!

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RCCA Competitions…Are Any Classes More Popular?


I’m looking into building/setting up a crawler that I could use in a competition. I wouldn’t have any hopes of winning, more to have fun and maybe meet some fellow RCers in my area.

My question is…are any of the classes significantly more popular??

I’m looking for a more dedicated crawler than a trail truck…so I’m thinking Bully 2.2, but I also have no problem getting an RTR like a Night Crawler and modifying it to suit my needs.

From what I understand of these rules the Night Crawler would be in the 2.2 Shafty Class where the Bully would be in the Super Class…or am I reading that all wrong??

Thank you!

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