1955 Ford F100 Trekker

Hey guys. I just finished this project and thought I’d drop it here. This is a 1/24 scale Monogram model kit on a Fungi leaf spring chassis. It has the Preditor 90 motor and Hytech servo as well as all the Hot Racing metal goodies.

55ford1 1955 Ford F100 Trekker

The wheels are Gearheads and the tires Micky Thompson claws.

55ford2 1955 Ford F100 Trekker

Axles, tranny, and electronics are all Trekker.

55ford6 1955 Ford F100 Trekker

The LEDs are micro Xmas lights running on three button cells under the hood. The “radiator cap” is a strong magnet that pairs with another on the bottom of the hood holding it in place.

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