1st post and help on matching weights to setup

Hello crawlers!
Have been enjoying the forum for the past year and it’s finally time for my first post here. Thanks for the wealth of information!

Got a Yeti XL and a Wraith PS a year ago… decided the crawling scene is much more fun. I’ve upgraded almost everything on the wraith and just recently understood what a difference the extra weights in the wheels make, when I switched wheels with a mate that had 300 grams extra in each front on his comp crawler! I have always avoided putting the weight in the wheels for the obvious: to reduce broken parts!

And here is the question… I want to add as much weight as possible, but NOT in the wheels. Could you please advise as to what would match my setup? I’m running:
SSD Dhole 2.2 with Proline sswampers XL
Vanquish axles, knuckles, lockouts, c-hubs

What knuckle weights would fit? Or could I get more weight by adding a wheel hub extender and brass rings?

Living on an island in Europe it’s a b!tch to get parts delivered here and the last this you would want is the parts not to fit so I would immensely appreciate feedback!!!
Next step will be to build a wroncho, maybe on the scx10 II platform

Thanks for the invaluable information everybody is sharing! “thumbsup”


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