Adequately strengthen an SCX10 for brushless

I’m considering a brushless system from Holmes Hobbies. Their BLE and Trailmaster Pro 2700kv.

Basically I am happy with the torque of the stock 27T SCX10 motor and just want higher speeds without the risk of burning a bushed motor out on 3S.

What do I realistically ‘need’ for it to survive. It’s the Rubicon model with the wild boar driveshafts.

I watched a vid from Holmes Hobbies where he was running a totally stock SCX10 Ver 2 and hadn’t broken anything.

I’m not planning on a torque monster motor, simply higher top speeds for getting between rocks and for trails (which is something my son and I do a lot of – trailing).

I imagine metal gearbox gears for a starter though I’m not sure about a metal spur as I’ve read the spur is decently tough on 3S.

Would I need something like an SSD diffs housing or could I just install metal gearbox gears and good axels in the standard diff housings?

Without jumping it and doing stupid stuff, how tough would I need to make it (i.e. how expensive) to make the truck reliable?

I’ll be doing something similar with my Bomber but I know that has metal gearbox gears already so I might just need the axels and diff centres.

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