Adrian Wicaksono wins Grand Opening HTS Indoor Track race

Grand Opening HTS Indoor Track 640x390 Adrian Wicaksono wins Grand Opening HTS Indoor Track race


The Grand Opening HTS Indoor Track race was held at the Hobby Track Sukoharjo in Solo, Central Java last weekend. This first permanent indoor track in Indonesia measuring 70x40m welcomed a total of 51 drivers from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogjakarta, Medan, Kupang, Bali along with some local drivers. The race format was 6 rounds of 10 minutes with 4 best rounds and final started from semi final with 5 drivers bump up.

After 6 qualifying times, 4 best rounds were taken. Jason Nugroho took the TQ, won the semi final A and got the pole for main final. In the main final, after only 9 minutes something happened on the lap counting system because of electricity failure, so the race director needed to restart it. At the “restart” of the 60 minutes main final, Nugroho got flame at the starting grid and he started from the pit. Nugroho managed to took the lead back around 30 min into the race, but his lap time very was close with Adrian Wicaksono and they kept changing positions from 1st to 2nd and vice versa. Finally, the traffic jam caused a flip to the Nugroho’s car which made him finish at 2nd position 20 sec behind Adrian.

  1. Adrian Wicaksono  HB / Reds
  2. Jason Nugroho (TQ) – XRAY XB8
  3. Hariadi Lie Kyosho / OS
  4. Ery Setiawan Kyosho / OS
  5. Faisal Ali Kyosho / Reds
  6. Kenji Liono Kyosho / SPower
  7. Andre Irawan Mugen / RC Concept
  8. Sigit Kyosho / OS
  9. Edianto Kyosho / OS
  10. Aswin TLR / OS
  11. Chopin TLR / Maxima
  12. Wie Wen Mugen / OS
  13. Indra Liono – XRAY XB8
  14. Andre S Mugen / OS
  15. Stanley W HB / OS

VRC 468x90 Adrian Wicaksono wins Grand Opening HTS Indoor Track race

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