Aerostar RVS 80A Electronic Speed Controller w/Reverse Function 5A BEC (2~6S)

112582 Aerostar RVS 80A Electronic Speed Controller w/Reverse Function 5A BEC (2~6S)

The Aerostar RVS range of brushless speed controllers are designed for fixed wing aircraft. They feature super smooth start up, linear throttle response, multiple protection features and a reverse funtion designed with seaplanes in mind, but also useful for other applications like Short Take Off & Landing (STOL). Always ensure your motor has stopped before going into reverse.

Although primarily designed for fixed wing aircraft they do also include a soft start and heli mode making them a good low cost alternative ESC for your next helicopter project. If you don’t need to use the reverse funtion, simply don’t connect the second lead to your receiver and the ESC will operate as a normal one.


Installation is very straightforward as these speed controllers come “plug & play”, no soldering required, they are pre-fitted with an XT90 connector at the battery end and 3.5mm gold connectors for the motor.


Programming can be done either using the transmitter and listening to the tones or you can use the dedicated programming card (see “Related Items”).


• Pre-installed motor and battery connections
• Propeller Brake
• Battery type (NiMH or LiPo)
• Low voltage cut-off
• Adjustable motor timing
• Soft start for gearboxes and helicopters
• Heli mode
• Motor rotation
• Over heating and lost signal protection
• Low voltage cut-off type



Default settings:
• Brake: Off
• Battery type: Lipo (auto cell detect)
• Low voltage cut-off: 3.2V (60%)
• Timing: Automatic
• Start up acceleration: Soft
• Heli mode: Off
• Motor rotation: Forward
• Frequency: 16Hz
• Voltage cut-off: Reduce power



Type: Aerostar RVS 80amp electronic speed controller
Input Voltage: 2~6 lipoly cells/5~18 nimh cells (6~16V)
Continuous Current: 80amps
Burst Current: 90amps (10secs)
BEC Output: 5.5V/5A
Programmable: Yes
Battery Connector: XT90
Motor Connectors: 3.5mm bullet
Rx Connector: JR type
Dimensions: 68 x 37 x 14mm
Weight: 82g


Warning: Reverse function should not be activated until the motor comes to a completed stop. Otherwise it will damage both motor & ESC.

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