Amimon Falcore 250 HD Camera FPV Drone (RTF)

04a 1 Amimon Falcore 250 HD Camera FPV Drone (RTF)

The Falcore opens up the thrill of FPV to all skill levels. Drone racing can now be enjoyed by novice pilots straight out of the box, thanks to the Amimon Falcore drone. Fitted with an HD camera that’s perfect for FPV, this robust drone features SHIELD technology to minimise crash landings.

All the electronic components are protected by the drone’s carbon fiber tubular frame which provides extra strength and durability. The flexible motor arm joints can dislocate momentarily to protect the drone from damage during high power impacts. The motor arms can be easily removed without tools to allow you to pack the Falcore drone in a backpack for easy transit.

Activate SHIELD mode to maintain flight altitude and coordinates. Pilots can avoid crashing into the ground thanks to the drone’s in-built sonar and barometer sensors. The Stop & Land button allows you to touch down safely every time.

The Amimon Falcore Connex comes with everything you need to race right out of the box. You’ll find chargers, spare propellers, an easy-release battery and a specially designed tool to simplify prop replacement and basic maintenance. The Prosight HD camera is built in, while the Falcore remote control is pre-mounted with a digital HD video receiver. 

Reaching 80mph, the Falcore is an aggressive, ultra-fast, ultra-durable racing drone that’s perfect for beginners. Fitted with an F3 based flight control, the drone is compatible with Cleanflight Configurator. The FPV drone also features a factory tuned locked-in PID setup and super sharp ACRO mode.

• SHIELD mode uses built-in sonar and barometer sensors to maintain altitude
• Built-in Prosight HD camera for FPV
• Carbon fiber tubular frame for extra strength and durability
• Reaches 80mph
• F3-based flight controller that’s compatible with Cleanflight
• Motor arms can be easily removed without tools
• Includes everything you need to race right out of the box

Motor: Falcore 2204 2300 KV with MT30 Connector
ESC: Raptor 20A Blheli
Propellers: HQ 5045 Bullnose
Frame: 250mm tilted body carbon fiber 
Motor Arms: 15.3mm carbon fiber tube with carbon fiber motor mounts
Drone Body: Carbon fiber monocoque (remove one screw to access electronic assembly)
Flight Battery: 1400mAh Lithium-ion polymer 4S 75C (charger included)
RC TX & RX: Connex Falcore 8-Channel AFHDS 2A 2.4Ghz Tx
RC TX Battery: 5000mAh Lithium-ion 7.2 V (12V charger included)
FPV Video Link: CONNEX ProSight Digital HD video transmitter, RC mounted ProSight receiver
Video Output: HDMI

720P compatible HDMI goggles or monitor


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