Another King Kong RC CA-10 build!

Dropped the hammer yesterday morning. Tons of stuff en-route, and I reckon I’ll do a build log of it here. Hopefully, between everything I ordered and everything I already have on hand, I can get this thing running. Aside from the truck, I have procured:

1x Hitex HS-77 low profile servo(I wanted a low profile steering servo to make room for scale underhood details, I also wanted a slow servo because these trucks lack power steering in real life and I lack the software adjustments to replicate that in my radio’s software. This thing’s only 22 bucks, too, which is nice.)

1x aluminum servo saver(HS77 is a bit of a fragile one, what with plastic gears and all, so I’m employing this to protect it from impacts)

1x CC SV3 brushless ESC

1x CC 1406 sensored Brushless motor, 5700kv, combo deal with the ESC

1x 9t 32p pinion

1x 10t 32p pinion

1x 11t 32p pinion

1x 12t 32p pinion

2x Gens Ace 2s 50c 5,000mAh lipo packs, hardcase of course. Got them for 60 as a pair deal.

1x Deans parallell Y harness

1x Tamiya to Deans adapter, which I’ll be snipping and using to put a Deans connector on my ESC

1x 6″ Gordon Freeman figure(Driver)

1x 6″ Duke Nukem figure(Passenger)

1x Metric allen driver set

1x precision nutdriver set

1x Spektrum AR-600 receiver(Already have it, pulled from the 40 size trainer I’ve had hanging on my wall for 6 or 7 years)

1x tube of threadlocker

1x big-arse tub of wheel bearing grease(From my garage, figure this stuff will come in handy for lubricating those steel gears and for letting me get some limited slip action in the diff if I decide to, can also use this to help water-resist the radio box, front wheel bearings, and steering servo)

Future plans:

* From Shapeways, the bits and bobbins to put a scale Flathead V8 in the nose. Gonna go all out on the scale details under the hood, if nowhere else.

* Probably some better tires. I had them in my eBay cart but opted to hold on them until I’ve had a chance to drive it on the stock tires.

* Something for the bed. Cargo, maybe a lovely 1/12th ZU-23-2 AA gun from Shapeways, who knows.

* Rig a pintle hook hitch to the back, or at least something similar. Decided to keep the cargo box it comes with, but I’m still gonna want to pull trailers with it. ATees included, for free, a set of four rod ends that would work well for this. All I’d have to do is mount a suitably sized L-shaped stud on the rear of the chassis and thread a nut on.

* Light, sound kit

* Maybe FPV? If I can find a suitably small camera that isn’t fisheyed and doesn’t look like it was used to record someone’s home movies in 1984, anyway.

* Might also get a 13t 32p pinion? The kit comes with a 14t pinion…and I’ll run it with this pinion to see how the motor and ESC get on…having a 13t pinion means I have tons of options to fine tune the gearing in it.

* Build a scale garage to park it in when I’m not running it, prolly atop my dresser in my bedroom since that’s where I store and service my RCs anyway.

* Build an assortment of trailers for it to pull. Some of them will be semi trailers, some full trailers. I’m thinking the full trailers will be pulled on a detachable dolly like one might find between two 20′ pup trailers on a bigrig, rather than a more permanent fixture, but I haven’t really sat down to design those yet.

* Winches. One on the front bumper, one in the cargo box. Being a 2WD truck with an open diff, one would expect it to be prone to getting stuck, so self-recovery is a wonderful thing to have.

* Some sort of magnetic attachment on the front that I can use when my nitro models nose up onto something, since none of them can reverse. Idea would be I could nose up to the rear bumper of the nitro model, the magnets cling together, I can reverse the car away from the obstacle, then blip the throttle of the nitro car while the drag brake on the CA-10 holds it firm to tug the magnets apart. Or maybe a servo-operated hook-and-loop coupler? I could use the winch in a pinch if I wanted to, but that’d be a bit of a faff to hook up to a 1/10 touring car, 1/10 short course truck(Same batch of orders that got the CA-10 also got me a mint SC10GT), a 1/8 live axle monster truck compared to a magnet or a servo-operated hook and loop coupling.

* Perhaps a different transmission. Tamiya 3-speed? RC4WD CVT? 4WD conversion? Cable-locking rear axle? There’s plenty of driveline upgrade paths available to me in the future.

Overall, I’m quite excited. Lot of firsts for me. First hobby grade electric model(I’ve run nothing but nitro since I got into hobby grade RC in 2003!), first kit build, first scale rig, first time focusing on detail and appearance. And, like my other models, itt’l be a handful if I dip into the meaty end of the throttle, but I love that and I can always just throttle back.

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