Anyone using low KV brushless and NON sensored for a crawler/bouncer?

My sons SCX10 crawls great even with the sensored wire removed with a 2200kv brushless setup.

I was wondering how others are finding their non sensored setups for lighter crawling and rock bouncing?

I like crawling my Bomber but would prefer a mix of decent (say stock) crawling ability with the wheel speed of a 27T motor. No drastic speed but speed, crawling and cool operation.

I have picked up a 120A MAX10 SCT HW for our Yeti which seems happy with a 3150 kv motor on 3S and thought I could pickup a 1900kv and run it unsensored brushless so it’ll be affordable, most likely won’t get hot even with loads of crawling, will go ok with the headroom of 3S and will likely tolerate a bit of water splashing for Winter driving.

A cheap 540 brushless can be easily replaced even every 6-9 months if it rusts etc so I may even pickup a Trackstar motor for $22 and test it out.

I’m wondering if this might be a reasonable alternative to a HW 1080 and 550 Titan setup for 3S.

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