Need tires and wheel advice

I have been reading a lot about tires and wheel and that it’s not recommended to to go to heavy for a combo of tires and wheels as it puts to much stress on the electronics and driveline

Original tires and wheel is 374 grams So what do people recommend for tires and wheels beside the stock ones ?

I have been thinking about As they are about 284grams

And for wheels…ls_p_4237.html as they are 274grams

For a total of 578 grams for wheel and tires that’s 204grams more than stock

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Axial AE-5 Question

I’m purchasing an Axial Wraith Spawn very soon…my first crawler! I have a Rustler and I would prefer to use the same batteries/charger. The Axial site says the AE-5 comes with a “standard” or “star” connector…thanks!? lol….what exact connecter does it come with? Can I find an adapter to use Traxxas batteries/plugs? Is that sacrilegious? 😯

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ProSC10 RJ/Rockstar and ProSC10 AE Team RTRs

ProSC10 RJ/Rockstar and ProSC10 AE Team RTRs

In the world of short-course off road racing, RJ Anderson has become one of the youngest pro-class champions in the history of the sport. Alongside his championships in the Pro UTV and Pro-lite classes, he has also won the Super-Lite Challenge Cup. RJ is always pushing to be the best and nothing short of winning is his goal. His passion for winning has awarded him UTV Driver of the Year, TORC Series Rookie of the Year, and even Pro2 Rookie of the Year. Now joining the Rockstar Energy family, there is no doubt that RJ Anderson is nothing short of a success in off-road racing.


Team Associated’s new 2WD ProSC10 is a Ready-To-Run RC replica of the truck driven by RJ Anderson in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. The ProSC10 features a rear motor short-course chassis that utilizes many of the same parts from the widely successful RC10SC5M platform. Adjustable aluminum big bore coil-over shocks, a sealed-gear differential, and heavy-duty CVA driveshafts are all features that come standard on the ProSC10. A powerful water-resistant Reedy electronic speed controller and 3300Kv electric motor power the ProSC10 for high-speed fun. To handle the power, the ProSC10 comes equipped with realistic wheels and tires specifically made to handle any off-road condition.


A 2.4GHz 2-channel radio system featuring a DVC (Dynamic Vehicle Control) receiver also comes standard in the ProSC10. Protected by the water-resistant enclosed receiver box, the DVC system improves stability in all terrain conditions by automatically counter-steering when the vehicle starts to slide. With a metal-gear high-torque Reedy servo rounding out the electronics package, the ProSC10 is nothing short of a success in RC off-road racing.


ProSC10 RTR Features

Based on the 9-time R.O.A.R. National Champion short-course race truck platform
2.4GHz 2-channel radio with new DVC (Dynamic Vehicle Control) receiver featuring built-in adjustable gyro
High-torque, metal-gear Reedy Servo with spring style servo saver
Powerful Reedy 3300kV brushless motor
Water-resistant high-power Reedy brushless speed control with T-plug connector and LiPo low voltage cutoff
Factory-finished championship short-course racing truck body in two body schemes: #70115 Rockstar and #70016 AE Team
Water-resistant enclosed receiver box
Durable and lightweight aluminum top shaft
Low center-of-gravity molded composite chassis with hook-and-loop battery straps that accommodate both NiMH and 2/3s LiPo battery packs
Metric hardware throughout
14 precision rubber-sealed ball bearings
Durable front and rear body mounts
Rear CVA drive shafts for more reliability
Aluminum 12mm big bore coil-over shock absorbers
2.6:1 ratio gearbox with heavy-duty sealed gear differential and externally adjustable V2 slipper clutch
Rugged steel turnbuckles for adjustable camber and front toe-in
Fully adjustable suspension geometry
Vertical ball ends for roll center adjustments, front and rear
Many Factory Team options already available!
Combos #70015C and #70016C include a Reedy Compact Balance Charger and Reedy 7.4V LiPo Battery with T-plug in each


70016 – ProSC10 AETeam – $300
70015 – ProSC10 Rockstar – $300

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Fuzzy's Wraith

Finally got a chance to pick up a used wraith for a decent deal.

It’s the poison spyder edition got it as a roller

so far it has:

-aluminum trans. case

-hot racing steel gears

-aluminum rear lockouts

-aluminum steering links

-wertymade front bumper


-Junfac driveshafts

-hitec 7955tg

-Axial stage 1 aluminum link set

-front battery/esc plate

how it looked when I first picked it up

After a good cleaning and some putting together

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Tessmann tops Buggy Quali at DNC

Friday Photo Gallery

Ty Tessmann may be the top billing after qualifying at this year’s DNC, however Portugal’s likeable little Joao Figueiredo was the filling in the Ty Sandwich having memorably TQ’d Q2, a feat that will surely rank as one of the Kyosho driver’s career-best so far. Backing up the Euro’s onslaught on qualifying was fellow ‘Euro’ driver and new XRAY signing Marco Baruffolo followed by David Ronnefalk, the Swede on a TQ run in Q3 before ‘stumbling’ over a backmarker which broke his car. Whilst Thursday belonged to Ryan Maifield, having topped E-Buggy and Truck, the Mugen runner will start 5th for Sunday’s A Main. The difficult track really testing drivers’ skill, car setup ability, and we suspect durability…

# Driver Result Tie Breaker Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
# Driver Result Tie Breaker Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1 Ty Tessmann 0 19/12:34.815 (1,3) 10/6:33.551 (1) 0 : 10/6:33.551 10 : 9/6:06.933 0 : 9/6:01.264
2 Joao Figueiredo 5 18/12:10.239 (2,3) 9/6:01.644 (2) 18 : 9/6:10.363 0 : 9/6:01.644 5 : 9/6:08.595
3 MaRCo Baruffolo 6 18/12:08.153 (3,2) 9/6:03.567 (2) 47 : 8/5:20.395 4 : 9/6:03.567 2 : 9/6:04.586
4 David Ronnefalk 7 19/12:38.401 (2,1) 10/6:36.149 (1) 5 : 10/6:36.149 2 : 9/6:02.252 46 : 7/4:41.043
5 Ryan Maifield 9 19/12:37.972 (1,2) 10/6:34.075 (1) 3 : 10/6:34.075 6 : 9/6:03.897 49 : 6/4:02.376
6 Jared Tebo 9 19/12:43.893 (3,1) 10/6:38.227 (1) 6 : 10/6:38.227 21 : 9/6:14.931 3 : 9/6:05.666
7 Ryan Cavalieri 9 18/12:12.189 (2,3) 9/6:01.870 (1) 8 : 9/6:01.870 3 : 9/6:02.883 6 : 9/6:09.306
8 Robert Battle 11 19/12:41.234 (1,2) 10/6:36.024 (1) 4 : 10/6:36.024 7 : 9/6:05.210 11 : 9/6:11.675
9 Joe Bornhorst 12 18/12:03.794 (2,1) 9/6:00.103 (1) 7 : 9/6:00.103 5 : 9/6:03.691 52 : 5/3:28.142
10 Spencer Rivkin 14 19/12:42.064 (1,2) 10/6:33.949 (1) 2 : 10/6:33.949 12 : 9/6:08.115 17 : 9/6:16.073

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