Andrew Grunkemeyer wins at JC Points Rd2


Last weekend was held the second round of the JC Summer point series at the DORCOT RC raceway in Ohio. After the rounds of qualifying in Nitro buggy it was TLR’s Andrew Grunkemeyer who took the overall TQ after fighting with XRAY’s Justin Chambers. During the main both drivers battled for 20 solid minutes but Andrew will have to make an extra stop. He ended up in second only about 8 seconds behin Andrew while Team Associated driver Rob Mangold rounded out the top 3.

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Team Associated B6 slim profile front wheels

Coming from Team Associated and made for the B6 and B6D are slim front wheels. They are designed for use with all popular carpet and AstroTurf(TM) surface tyres and features the same offset as the popular #9691 and #9690 2WD front wheels, only with an optimized profile. The wheels are textured on the gluing surface for secure tyre mounting and have a smooth polished face for a factory team look. They are lightweight, yet stiff to reduce wheel deflection under hard cornering. Available in pairs in yellow or white colour.

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U-Star Mini Caliper Set

The U-Star Mini Caliper Set is a super handy miniature measuring device that can be taken anywhere, in fact the micrometer / caliper set is only 0.3mm thick and measures items up to a maximum of size of 10cm. This is a super handy tool when you just want a quick rough check measurement, great for things like checking the diameter of screws and tubes and because it is made of flexible steel it can be used to measure curved objects like fuselages and car bodies.

The flexible steel also makes these calipers extremely durable and perfect for use in the workshop at home or in your field toolbox. 

Material: Stainless Steel
Thickness: 0.3mm 
Maximum Measuring Length: 100mm
Accuracy: 1mm

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