Aussie Bush-bashing recommendations

So my first newbie question is probably a standard one.

Which Crawler would you recommend for a Newbie costing between $300-400(USD)?

Pretty broad question I know so I’ll try and limit the field a bit.

I’m looking for a kit as I want to build up my knowledge by building my rig from scratch. I won’t be competing at any level in the near future but am simply looking for a rig that will allow me to go out bush drive trails etc and drive a home made course in the back yard. (I am, however, quite competitive and want to develop my crawling skills as much as I can so will be looking for a rig that I can enhance as I go that will allow me to be more and more technical in my driving.)

A mate has an SCX10 rig and as such I’m looking at getting something different for no other reason than me being a bit contrary. :lmao:

I’m also looking for a rig that will a F350, Defender, Hi-Lux body etc as I love that whole authentic scale look as opposed to the off-road racer bodies.

Sorry for the lack of technical speak in this post. As you can see, I’m very new but keen to absorb.


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