Battery Padding in XV-01?

After getting inspired by Turtle’s XV-01 thread (who isnt?) I bought and built one of my own. The first battery I bought for it was a Traxxas LiPo which barely fit and puffed after I launched the XV airborne off a street curb. 8)

I’ve replaced it with a much smaller Venom 5400mah, but it’s too small for the battery box. I want to pad the box with some closed-cell foam, but I don’t have any idea what that stuff is called. The guys at my hobby shop remembered it as “that foam the ultralight planes are made out of, Starts with a D.” 😕 They didn’t have any on hand, and I need some name to ask for at the craft stores in town.

I’m hoping someone here knows what I’m talking about, or has another idea for material to use. I expect to run my XV in the wet and light snow, so closed cell foam seems optimal. I’m betting someone has done this already but the search function for the forum isn’t working right now.

VRC 468x90 Battery Padding in XV 01?

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