Be Prepared With Hardware – Dynamite Stainless Steel Screw Set

Have you ever really needed a certain screw, and you just can’t find one anywhere? Happens to me more than I would like to admit. It’s a screw. Everyone needs one from time to time, and for all intents and purposes, they ought to be laying around just about everywhere, but you will never find one when you need it. Which is why Dynamite’s Stainless Steel Variety Pack is so handy to have in your toolbox. This Dynamite Stainless Steel Screw Set has a little bit of everything and they’re high quality stainless as well, so you’ll never be ashamed to give a friend a screw if they need one. Tired of fighting with the Philips screws on your RTR? Swap them out for stainless hex and you’ll never have to curse at them again! After all, the only thing better than a new screw is getting rid of the old ones that make your life difficult.

DYN1 Be Prepared With Hardware – Dynamite Stainless Steel Screw Set

Dynamite feels your pain and has put together a variety pack with all of the most popular screw sizes and head designs. Made from quality 304 stainless steel, these screws will take a lifetime of abuse and still look remarkably good after doing it. The stainless heads are also slightly harder than the black oxide steel that come with most models, and that means that they’re harder to strip out, which means you can put a little more torque on them before you make a mess. You know, if that’s important to you. Have a specific model that you’re looking to replace screws on? Dynamite makes kit specific screw packs that will replace every screw on your ride. Need a screw? Dynamite has you covered.

Dyn2 Be Prepared With Hardware – Dynamite Stainless Steel Screw Set

It sure is handy not having to dig around endlessly in the bottom of your toolbox to find that one tiny screw that you need to get you rolling again. Not only are most RC screws tiny, most of them are black, making them impossible to see. Dynamite has taken care of that problem by offering these screws in bright polish stainless steel so that they don’t disappear as soon as you drop them. Not only are they high visibility, but they are not covered with twenty years of toolbox grime and fused into a solid block because of the CA glue spill of ’08. My only gripe is that the hexes are not as tight as most screws, so when you’re trying to thread a screw into a small hole with it perched on the end of your hex driver, they do not stay put as well as some other fasteners. It is a minor gripe, and I did not have any problems with them stripping out. It is a nice feeling to be prepared at the track, and when an RC buddy asks you for a certain size screw and for once, you can say yes.


Who makes it: Dynamite
Part Number: DYNH3000
Price: $16.99
Link To Buy:

-The 304 stainless steel screws will never rust or corrode and they are bright and shiny so all your friends will know that you take your screws seriously.
-The screws come in a durable pitbox with moveable dividers to be reusable, ensuring that long after all the screws are gone, you will still love the box that they came in.
-This variety set comes with socket, button, flathead, and set screws, as well as locking nuts and washers. No matter what kind of screw you’re looking for, this box has it.
-300+ screws for $16.99!

WRAP UP:Dyn3 300x200 Be Prepared With Hardware – Dynamite Stainless Steel Screw Set
Everybody needs a supply of screws, you never know when you really need one. Why not be prepared and get yourself a variety pack of all the screws you know you’re going to need? The Dynamite Stainless Steel Screw Set is a pack good quality stainless screws and they come in an attractive, well-built box that you will use for years. So you may as well stop fighting with screws that strip and rust and get yourself something that you deserve: a good, clean, long-lasting screw assortment.

Words: Marc Aubin

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