BHB MOD, I had to try it

So I have jumped into the RC world head first and havent looked back. I am specifically focused on the Yeti XL. I cant get enough and even with all its shortcomings, this rig is fun! A lot of this fun is just trying to make it better and modifying it. With that in mind I have decided to try to do the BHB mod myself. So far running a RTR with only 4S, I have no current issues with my front or rear diffs. But 6S is just around the corner and my driving is definitely becoming more aggressive. Also I definitely want that Vanquish rear axle housing before they become a collectors item so I ordered one. Definitely have to do the mod to use that. Anyway for anyone interested in trying it, this is how I did it.

The first thing to do was to set up my BHB mod equivalent rig. In that I found the hardest part was just finding something to hold the pinion onto the drill. I used a 4MM hex socket 1/4 drive to do the trick. I evenly wrapped the hex side with rubber splicing tape a couple times to give it a bit of that spongy feel to it. Then I wrapped electrical tape over that a few winds so that it would snugly fit into the pinion.

BHBMOD2 zps3jwlcvwk BHB MOD, I had to try it
BHBMOD3 zpskt9nxkui BHB MOD, I had to try it

I then used this drill and vise setup. The 1/4 drive side of the socket fits into the drill chuck no problem. The metal piece in the vise had a rounded end to but it is just used to stabilize the pinion so it stays rock steady which is important.

BHBMOD1 zps9d3bzurd BHB MOD, I had to try it

Then using BHB’s dremel technique, I shaved the hump down and tried to get the teeth 90 degrees to the shank as BHB states. This is the end result. I didn’t have a bearing on me at the time but I used this plate to illustrate how it more or less sits flush with the surface. I think this will work and if not I can shave a bit more off. Think I’ll wait until my Vanquish rear axle housing comes in so I can custom fit it. Though I am still having some trouble acquiring shims. Anybody know where you can get more 18x15x0.2mm shims?

BHBMOD4 zpsdsl0tzxf BHB MOD, I had to try it

I would like to thank BarHarborBasher for putting his videos and knowledge out there as well as everyone else on this site. I am open to any insight, tips or recommendations from the group. Thanks!

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