BOTTOMS UP – Scale Brass Brake Rotors – Mounted on a Bearing

bottoms up brass bearing scale rotor pair BOTTOMS UP   Scale Brass Brake Rotors   Mounted on a Bearing

42mm Bottoms Up Brass Bearing Scale Rotor – Sold in PAIRS

These are intended for 2.2 wheels.
But have been proven to fit some 1.9’s without any modifications.
And other 1.9 or 2.2 wheels with slight Modifications.


Some wheels just need a SLW spacer to help the Brass part fit behind the bolts.

42mm x 12mm

The pair weighs 134 grams (4.7oz)

SLW Hub Compatible, Center thickness 1.0mm so it wont add much width to your track width.

Pre-assembled Press Fit. (you CAN take the bearing out if you really need to, but why?)

LIFETIME WARRANTY!!! Keep that bearing oiled with very light oil.

But if your bearing fails for ANY reason, send it back and I’ll put another one in free. FREE!!!

Want to run weighted scale rotors, but don’t want all that rotational mass? ME TOO!!!!
That’s why I designed these.
Stop robbing that power from your motor.
Stop breaking parts.
Stop worrying about it. The FIX is here.
Add these to your setup, to add the weight you want, down low.

Without worry about the wear and tear on your truck.

BONUS: ALL While being SORRCA LEGAL !!! AND adding valuable Scale points !!!!


SOLD AS A PAIR – $39.99
Want extra Scale point? Add a pair of the Ultra Light rotors for the back axle. $17.99 ($2 cheaper than by themselves)
Want your rotor to spin Extra free? For $10.00, We will run the bearings in for you on our bench jig at 6,000-8,000 RPMs to seat it.

This takes us a bit of time, that’s why the price goes up by $10.00

You can do this yourself with a hand held dremel tool and a Sanding Drum (without the sanding part on it)

Bottoms Up Brass Bearing Scale Rotor – PAIR – Bottoms Up RC

Thanks for checking us out.
– A.J.

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