Why do people say a brushless motor runs cooler than brushed?

This is for crawling speeds.

Same can size (lets pick 550) and same motor quality on 3S with same gearing in the same truck.

I imagine if the motors were geared for the task, shouldn’t both stay a similar temp?

I know high speed can increase brushed motor temps with more brush friction and arcing and the brushless motor will rev harder but why would brushless supposedly run cooler for slow stuff?

If you’re applying similar levels of torque I would have thought in this example it would be similar enough not to be an easily noticeable difference.

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Handling Upgrade – TEAMSAXO Aluminium Chassis And Rear Pod

TEAMSAXO has released a 2.5mm Aluminium chassis and Aluminium rear pod lower plate for GT-300W-V2, machined from black anodized 7075-T6 aluminium. The surface black ano-oxidation treatment is for improved wear resistance. The new chassis is meant to improve high speed steering at corner entry, The car will feel smoother throughout the corner while also carrying more corner speed. The chassis and motor plate need to be used together; both are available now.

TEAMSAXO Aluminium Chassis

Item No.?TS05802 & TS05803
Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Name :Aluminium chassis 2.5mm TS05802 & Aluminium rear pod lower plate 2.5mm TS05803

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