What would you do?


My son is getting to that age where he is becoming very interested in my RC trucks.

I’m fixing to either buy, or build up a chassis I have for him.

My question, if you had to choose between SCX10 chassis that was is built minus Electronics, shocks, metal links and a body or the new Redcat Everest Gen 7 which would you choose? Of course I’d get the parts and Electronics to finish the SCX10 chassis

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GreatScott's TF2 Reboot

I am trying the TF2 again, from everything I have read RC4WD has corrected a lot of the problems the older TF2s had out of the box.

I have just completed doing the normal stuff, opening up the axles, transfer case and transmission, checking for grease and putting Loctite on all of the bolts when they went back in. One must-do item from the older kits was to reverse the shims on the axle inputs, while they were apart I noticed that there was a shim on the outside, and no shim on the inside, is this the way they are built now, or am I missing shims?

So here is where I am at…

Untitled by Scott O, on Flickr

This weekend I’ll start putting the chassis together, and hopefully start working on the body as well. I have to relearn how to prep/paint a hard body, along with what paints to use, so I don’t think I’ll have the body in the booth this weekend.

After being chastised for not doing it, I have read through the tips/tricks pages, but any additional advise is more than welcomed.

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Body lean?

I have noticed my body tends to lean toward the left side of the truck. I have played with shock adjustment and have even swapped shocks side to side but the lean still seems to be there. I have noticed a number of youtube videos of TRX4s also leaning to the left. This lean is one of the reasons I stripped the shocks cleaned, lubed and reassembled them with 10wt oil. I was wondering if the diff lock servos might be weighting that side of the chassis more. I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed your truck leaning and have you figured out what is causing it.

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