Suzuki SJ 410 Body / Karosserie 1/9 SCX10 Chassis

This Suzuki SJ 410 body is about 1:9 and fits an Axial SCX10 or RC4WD Gelände 2 chassis (or any other rails with 415mm lenght). The wheelbase is about 275mm

All of the parts have to be glued or can be screwed together. I used Ruderer L530. That glue dissolves the parts that shall stick together and gives a solid connection.

Most parts are printed in PLA laying on the heatbed. That means more parts but easy to print. The transparent parts for the lights are made from PETG. The windows are made of 1mm Makrolon® Polycarbonat.

If you use the ironing function from cura you have to take care of the top surface because some of the parts are non symmetric. I printed the parts with 0.16mm layerhight.
To print the parts you have to scale them to 10% of their size.

Basicly the body is finished. Some of the interior is missing becaus the chassis has not been finished and the planed 3Racing exReal Chassis didn’t arrive yet.

Use the watch funktion if you want to stay informed about new/more parts!

Update: 12.06.2018 Outside Mirror added
Update: 13.06.2018 Soft Top added (not yet printed)

For a leaf spring setup with axial SCX10 Rails I made some mounts and leafsprings that fit under the body. You can find the mounts an the leafsprings here:

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Need help with binding issue / DX5C / runaway throttle Titan 21t

Hoping someone else has had and resolved this issue. My buddy installed a brand new standard rotation Titan 21t motor into his Bomber.

He’s running the stock AE-5 ESC, a brand new Spektrum DX5C as well as the new SR415 Rx.

When he follows the bind procedures, the Rx binds up no prob and the servo works fine, but the second it binds, the motor goes full throttle.

We’ve tried reversing the throttle in the settings, lowering the throttle rate to see if the motor would spin at a lower speed (no change), and have checked the plugs and ports and everything looks good.

Any ideas? He says the ESC was still operational when he put the rig away last.

It seems like the failsafe setting is defaulting to something other than zero/neutral during the bind process, or maybe this is just simple wiring issue, or worst case, a fault in the ESC…

Any ideas? Thanks -Mark

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