Leonardo Valente joins SWORKz

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SWORKz have announced the signing of Italian top driver Leonardo Valente to their factory team. L.Valente will use the SWORKz S35-3 and S35-3E with which he has already won his first race with SWORKz, the REDS GP in the E-buggy class. L.Valente has the following to say:

“When testing SWORKz cars, I immediately felt familiar with the cars. Easy driving but also top speed made my decision easy to race for the brand in the coming years“”

Max Sonnleitner stated:

“I am really happy to have Leonardo in the team. He is a very talented and focussed young driver that will help us to push Italian market.”

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Deadbolt 2 servo winch mount questions.

I’ve searched and haven’t found the answers I need.

I purchased the Axial servo Mount tree (kit parts) but it appears the large piece (between shock mount and battery tray) does not work with the rtr battery tray. I’d rather not purchase the kit tray and don’t want to just bolt the servo ear on top of my steering servo as Harley did in his build off Honcho.

Anyone have some insight or better photos of how to mount the rear (motor/skid side) servo ears? I’m sure I could figure it out with some tinkering but would rather just get it done in one go. Running out of time before King of the Flats.

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Simon Moss joins XRAY UK team


RC Disco & XRAY have announced the signing of multiple BRCA National winner Simon Moss to the XRAY UK team. S.Moss brings a wealth of race winning experience to the team and he will use the latest race-winning spec XB2C 2019 & XB4 2019 at the BRCA Nationals, the British Winter Championship, the MK GP and a selection of Winter & Summer series meetings. Simon says:

“I’m delighted to be joining the XRAY Team and can’t wait to start running the latest XB2 & XB4 cars competitively. The cars have clearly shown their quality across multiple surfaces winning the Worlds, ROAR, European and EOS Championships and i’m excited about putting them through their paces here in the UK at our hugely competitive National series. Big thanks to Greg and all the Team at the XRAY Factory and RC Disco for this opportunity and i look forward to seeing you and all the XRAY Team trackside soon.”

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Led wiring to CH3

I’m new to the page and also RC crawling. I bought a Everest 7 Pro and have been modifying it. I want to add LEDs to the Body. I have two halo lights 4 LED bulbs and a light bar. I was wondering if I could wire all those together and clip them into my channel 3? Would it overload any thing? Or would it be best to Connected via a 9-volt battery mounted somewhere on the crawler?

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