Cheap brushless motor / ESC for Rock Rey

I recently bough a rock rey kit, but have yet to start building it.

I have never owned a brushless system, as all of my current rcs are brushed scale/trail, as well as a couple of Latrax that I barely ever use.

I need to buy a brushless motor and ESC. I am aiming to spend $80-$120 CDN.

I would like something that could be used for speed (nothing crazy fast, I am used to 27T scalers) as well as potentially used for rock racing / some crawling.

Initially, during the “$15 off $80 or more” sale on the 17th I was considering one of the Hobbywing combos available on RCMart – such as Sensored 10BL60 and 3650SD – but I was not sure about the available turn ratings or the fact that it was not waterproof, and it appeared I would still need a sensor wire and program card (not sure if the wp1080 one works), which would put me at $125 plus customs for something I wasn’t at all sure about.

Now that I missed the sale, and have had time to think and search, I am thinking of getting:

TenShock 2400kv 6-pole sensorless motor – $55.39 with shipping

and Hobbywing QuicRun 1:10 Brushless WaterProof 60A ESC WP-10BL60 – $55.39 free shipping…item1ea5e1652f

Any thoughts on going sensorless? I want a waterproof ESC, and I believe it has an adjustable drag brake when using a programming card.

I will be running 3S lipo.

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