Community winch for 2017 Comps

Ok boys. At the winter meeting we decided to bring winching into the game.

Since not everyone is winch equipped, we planned to make a movable "community" winch. It will also act as the anchor for those that have a winch.

Why would I use my own winch? You ask? The penalty for your own is +3pts. Penalty for the community winch is +5pts.

I’m looking for some help. We need to make two of these. They are going to be simple. Run from a 3pos switch on 2s.

My plan is to make them with axial transmissions that run a spool with the winch line.

I have he switches and will bring the batteries.

My need is for the following parts. If you have these and are willing to donate to the cause please let me know.

– Axial trans case – I have 1, need another
– Axial plastic gear set – I have 1, need another
– Axial trans output pair -I have 1, need another set
– Spur gear – need two.
– Motor plate – need two
– Cheapo motors – I have 1 55t axial, need another or a pair of the same turn motor (35, 45, etc).
– Custom Al spoil – need someone who can machine. I have a plan for it. Just need to make the parts.

Let me know boys.

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