Confuzzling LED setup

Hi there,

I am getting all the bits together to put together my rigs lighting system and have come to the fun part how I am going to control it all!

i was hoping you could help me out with my planned lighting setup.

I have seen the HeyOk controller and also want to use there KOH rear lights.…_15352965.aspx

Please see a rough schematic of the layout and functionality required.
%name Confuzzling LED setup

The four very rear lights are angel eye style as seen here. 2Leds 5mm Yellow+Red Angel & Demon Eyes LED Headlight Back Light for 1/10 RC Car | eBay

I would like to be able to have the following controls.

F1 – All off
F2 – Upper and lower brake lights functioning on trigger neutral and reverse functionality on reverse with hazards after x time of inactivity.
F3 – Headlight and rear Running light on with all F2 functions active
F4 – KOH amber and blue flashing with all F3 functions active
F5 – Driving lights on with F4 functions active

My setup is running 2s lipo, with a CC 2.0 BEC and a hacked Flysky Gt3b with a 6ch rx.

Any help would be appreciated.


VRC 468x90 Confuzzling LED setup

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