Crawler/Scaler newbie on site.

Hello all. New to the forums here and this is my first post. Figure Im planning on staying a while so though some of you might want to know a little about me.

Im from the Mid/North East Wisconsin area. (Green Bay area). Had been into the nitro/electric race side of R/C for about 10 years. Traveled all over the US racing. Had a kid in 2009 and another in 2013 which kinda forced me out of the addiction. However the addictions never really left me. Now my kids are old enough and the funds are doing ok, as of now, so my addiction can be satisfied… well, kinda.. Funds arent that good… My kids are now able to understand what R/C is all about and we have a blast crawling and racing around our property. We have 5 acres of wooded land with trails the kids ride their 90cc atvs through. These trails have since become our new G6 style R/C trails. I am however feeling my self drifting fast towards the R/C Mega Truck group. I know the Mega Truck group is a growing side of the scale world and i hope it takes off in my area. Here north of Green Bay, we are a bunch of rednecks who like big trucks. There is just no place close & fun to drive them around my area.

So here is my setup until i win the lottery.

Current setups:
My Son – 4 years old
SMT-10/Green Chassis:
Stock ESC and motor.
3S Turnigy 2200 / 2S Turnigy 6000 Graphene.
Stock tires and wheels.
Fully locked front to back.
Proline 2014 Chevy Silverado Crew

My Daughter – 8 years old
Axial SCX-10 gen 1 Dead-Bolt.
Stock ESC and Motor
3S Turnigy 2200 / 2S Turnigy 6000 Graphene
Stock Dead-Bolt body.

Me – Still young but old enough.
SMT-10 Black Chassis (Max D): Still running the Max D body till i find a hard body I like.
Castle Mamba X ESC / 5700Kv sensored motor.
3S Turnigy 2200
Axial 2.2 VWS Beadlock Wheels in black
RC4WD 2.2 Mud Slingers 2XL
Stock AR60 Axles fully locked.
Trailing arm delete with Wraith lower links.
Stock shocks moved to axles with RH Designs upper shock mount plates.
RH Designs limiter straps and rear sway bay kit
HR alloy trans with RR metal gear set w/ axial center locker.
Stock drive shafts for now. Till they break.

Im always open to what people think and what people have done to their trucks. If there is any input on my trucks, im more than willing to hear it..

Thanks guys..

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