Digital Additions® Micro Remote Control RC Car in a Coke Can 1:64 Scale (Gold) 40MHZ

Gold High Speed Micro Compact Remote Control (RC) Racing Car with Front and Rear Lights – can be supplied in four frequency bands for great racing fun. Well we all love playing with remote control cars and this little beauty is no exception. Welcome to our new 1/64 scale micro size RC racing car series which are accurate replicas of the full-size racers. The cars can be supplied in Green, Red, Gold and Black. . The pack includes: “Coke” can portable storage including the following parts: 1 x Super Fast remote control racing car (8cms x 3.5cms), with built in high power rechargable battery, RC and mini antenae – Gold car supplied . The super fast mini RC racing cars can move forwards, backwards, left and right. The remote control unit only takes 2 AA batteries (you can also use rechargeable ones) and there is a convenient charger cable in the side of the controller that is attached to the RC racing cars DC charger jack and within 5 minutes the car is ready for speed around the kitchen for 7-10 minutes ready for a quick re-charge for the fun to start again. The racing car also clips snugley onto the RC controller, allowing the proud owner to display on the side board. If that is not fun then nothing is, this is one of the best gifts any man – I mean child could receive that will never go back into its box and is a great stocking filler!! Have fun and enjoy the car. Product Overview: High Speed Micro Compact Remote Control (RC) Racing Car with Front and Rear Lights PLEASE NOTE: Returns will not be accepted for damaged cars. Every car is tested and checked prior to dispatch. We can supply replacement aerials for the car and transmitter for £2.99 for each type delivered.d.

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