Easy Q2 for Davide Ongaro

ongaro Q2 GPM 17 640x407 Easy Q2 for Davide Ongaro

Rain arrived with its parade of puddles, sawdust, slips which caused an interruption of the qualifications for one hour because the track being impracticable. Once the rain will be less strong but not totally stopped, the serious things will start again thanks to the work of the club members and some volunteer drivers. The question was whether Davide Ongaro would succeed in keeping the TQ acquired in Q1. The answer is be crystal-clear: yes and with a huge margin of 7sec! Impressive. Behind the FastRace driver is Yannick Aigoin with an XRAY XB8’16 equipped with 2017’s parts. Yannick is increasingly but incapable it is undeniable to keep pace with the Italian driver. The 3rd, Jérôme Sartel shows that he is in shape after a good first run and successful practice. The day ends here with the rain and the night that seems to want to settle down.

VRC 468x90 Easy Q2 for Davide Ongaro

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