Elliott Boots #1 at Top 25 Rankings

TOP 25 ROAR 2017 Elliott Boots #1 at Top 25 Rankings

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In a bemusing turn of events… A non American driver is promoted to the top of the Top 25 standings after the ROAR (N.American) Championships…

Jared Tebo earns his second 1/8 National title after a crazy final at the 2017 ROAR Nationals. Ryan Lutz continues his great year by finishing second and Spencer Rivkin rounds out the top 3. Elliott Boots inherits the world #1 ranking as former #1 Ryan Maified and #2 Ty Tessmann both had problems in the final (Note that Boots did not improve his results/pts. Ty and Ryan’s results moved them below Elliott). Maifield was out for good early and that cost him big in the rankings, falling 4 spots ending up ranked #5 . Ty was able to get running again after his flame outs and came back to salvage some positions preventing him from falling too far in the rankings. With Jared’s big win, he moves within striking distance of Elliott’s new #1 ranked spot. Cole Ogden Moves back onto the top 25 list with an incredible drive in the semi final and main event. The young US rising star CJ Jelin made his first major final and finished 13th, lookout for him in the future. See the new 1-50 ranking, list of what races are used, and how it works at top25rc.com.

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