Entering the Redcat crawler world!

Well I’ve sold off my Savage Flux HP!

My son wants to get into crawlers, like me he likes everything RC. We have a bunch of bashers laying around, but our “go to” bashers are his Traxxas Grave Digger and my ECX F-250 Ruckus. I thought I wanted to get into 1/8th scale RC’s but…. the parts can get expensive. Love the size but damn, wish the parts were cheaper (plus the thing is sort of discontinued, thus driving up the prices). Thinking about it, I figured I could just sell off the Savage, and whatever money I get from it will feed our crawler habit.

We’re going for a pair of Redcat Everest 10’s. Although depending on its availability I might grab a pair of Gen7’s. I like the chassis of the Everest 10, and the fact that most Axial SCX10 and Wraith parts will fit on it. Plus, out of the box it comes waterproof and thats a big plus for both of us. I’m hoping to get 2 of them now, and in the winter around Christmas, get a pair for my girls who also want to get into RC.

I can’t wait to get them. I’ve heard mixed things about Redcat over the years, but just can’t beat their prices. Either way we like to tinker, so after a few upgrades I’m sure they’ll be beasts!

I’ll post up some pics once I purchase them next week. Might even be on Sunday!

VRC 468x90 Entering the Redcat crawler world!

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