FS GTB3 tuning for a TRX4

Howdy, a buddy has hacked a GTB3 for me but I need a little help fine tuning it. I’ve searched around and cant seem to find the answer to my specific question. Im using the radio in a TRX4 and am using the ST trim and TH trim for the diff lock servos, but I cant seem to get one press of the button to go to one position and a press of the other button to go to the opposite position. if you start at “diff lock” and press a button it gets you from -100 to 0, one more press gets you +100. so in a sense it takes two presses to achieve lock, and two more to achieve unlock, clear as mud? The same hold true for the 2 speed servo.
Also, each time the system is powered on the shift servo resets to “0” which is mechanically neutral, I would prefer it to stay in its last known position, is that possible?
I apologize in advance for my ignorance on FS radios, they are new to me!

VRC 468x90 FS GTB3 tuning for a TRX4

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