Futaba 4PL button trouble!!

I’ve had my XR10 out for a few crawls now. Today, buddy and I hit the rocks with freshly charged batteries. I was driving for about 2 minutes when I ran into a problem.

My dig is set to DT2. Pressing up sets it to front dig. Then pressing down once sets it to normal operation. Pressing down again will set to rear dig.

When pressing DT2 into a different dig mode, I get a short beep. If I mess up in the sense that I’m already in front dig and I hit up again, I get a long beep indicating I’m maxed in that direction, like an error beep so to speak.

I had used the front dig once or twice in the first couple minutes. Then I used it again but could not switch out of it. Pressing down gives no audio feedback from the controller at all. Pressing up gives the long beep like I’m already at the top selection (front dig). So it is just stuck in front dig and I can’t get it out.

Having shut down the truck and having only the controller powered on, I get the same audio feedback and lack thereof when trying to get out of front dig.

Am I correct in assuming that the DT2 switch is faulty? I thought I would get a second opinion before tearing the thing apart. I’m fairly handy with this sort of thing, I’ve pulled apart complicated electronics before, but this will be my first 4PL tear-down.

It is not on warranty. I bought it used with the XR10 this spring. It was working fine for the first few outings and for the first couple minutes of the last outing.

Thanks guys, appreciate the input!

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