Fuzzy's Wraith

Finally got a chance to pick up a used wraith for a decent deal.

It’s the poison spyder edition got it as a roller

so far it has:

-aluminum trans. case

-hot racing steel gears

-aluminum rear lockouts

-aluminum steering links

-wertymade front bumper


-Junfac driveshafts

-hitec 7955tg

-Axial stage 1 aluminum link set

-front battery/esc plate

how it looked when I first picked it up

TEH1FO7 Fuzzy's WraithsMZF2A2 Fuzzy's Wraith
AJ1VMAD Fuzzy's WraithWiCbQvo Fuzzy's WraithW5nIulU Fuzzy's Wraith

After a good cleaning and some putting together
j9KeMtQ Fuzzy's WraithHASewzi Fuzzy's WraithU0EQSSW Fuzzy's Wraith

VRC 468x90 Fuzzy's Wraith

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