GCM J2 Skeleton chassis length?

Would someone with a GCM J2 Skeleton chassis be willing to provide its total length, from frame rail end to frame rail end?
I’m trying to determine if it will fit under my Radio Shack Jeep Icon Concept hard body, which has the same wheelbase as the China 2 dr Jeep JK. The Radio Shack Jeep, unfortunately, is shorter in overall length, so it won’t fit on my Gelande II chassis, as the frame rails protrude out from under it. Looks like, if the GCM J2 doesn’t cut it, my last resort will be either a CC-01, MST CFX, or even a Traxxas Telluride. After all, the 1:1 Jeep Icon Concept had IFS.
The GCM J2 Skeleton Ultimate kit would still be great, because I happen to have an extra SCX10 transmission and axles to use with it. Heck, maybe I should just get a China Jeep JK anyways. 🙄

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