Good scale rig with speed.

I’m relatively new. I am into scale truck/crawling. I own a acsender and a scx10. However i would like something with speed, that is still scale. I recently got a axial yeti online. when I received it, it was twice as big as my other too trucks! That didn’t seem scale to me. So I sold it. From looking at pictures the wraith is a huge rig as well. But I have been researching the Twin Hammers. This looks like a good scale rig. Should I just ditch worrying about scale size altogether? Or is the wraith really supposed to be that big next to a Honcho? I really wanna pull the trigger on the Twin Hammers. However the battery worry’s me. Unless It will accept the Vaterra battery. Thoughts on this?

VRC 468x90 Good scale rig with speed.

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