Got my rigs nice and wet…what's the proceedure aftewards?

We took our Bomber and SCX10 down to the creek and naturally drove them in so the lights were underwater etc and then went for a trail run to get all the water out of the wheels. Trucks were running fine afterwards as we have factory waterproof ESC’s and servos and brushed motors.

I’ve read a number of things you should do after this type of event…

Firstly, flush out the motor with clean water, then use ‘contact/motor’ cleaner (is the new fancy WD-40 contact cleaner ok to use as I saw it at my local hardware store) and finally blow out the motor.

Hmm…got home and had to cook dinner as it was dark and we were basically driving around in the black with the truck lights so no flush out…

Didn’t use contact cleaner as I don’t currently have any…

I don’t think one of those cans of compressed air is very cost effective as they are expensive or have flammable stuff in them and I don’t have a compressor…

So…should I make a habit of putting the truck under clean water afterwards…buying the contact cleaner…and purchase a cheap compressor?

What do you do if you’re away as it would be rare to cart a compressor around with you?

How often do you then pull the truck apart? I’ve used lots of marine grease in the diffs and transmissions.

I have an entire new set of rubber sealed bearings to go into the trucks as they might rust up a bit after a few dunks and I’m hoping the rubber sealed bearings will last a while longer.

Also, how do you stop your screws rusting? Do you coat them or oil them?

Any info would be fantastic!

VRC 468x90 Got my rigs nice and wet...what's the proceedure aftewards?

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