Hard Body Questions/Pics

I am interested in putting a hard body on my SCX10ii as many of you know. I am patiently waiting for my birthday because I ask my wife for one. Anyways I was hoping to compile a list of hard bodies that would work the the 10.ii and photos. If you have a hard body on your 10.ii please post it up. Also include how you mounted it.

Some of the hard bodies (based on specs alone) that might work are:

RC4WD Blazer Says its 11.3 WB and 8.79 Wide. Maybe with fender flares it would look right?

RC4WD Mojave II LWB Right WB but only 7.4 wide. I saw a photo on FB where the guy added fender flairs and it looked pretty close
Not my image but this is what I am talking about
IwFgAXl Hard Body Questions/Pics

Team Raffee XJ Perfect fit

Killerbody LC70 Same wheel base but only 7.88 wide. Again with fender flares might look right

What I am not sure about is if it is possible to even use something like this China Wrangler Same from Banggoodwith its 11″ wheelbase. Maybe if you hacked the chassis rails up some? Someone with more experience would have to chime in here. I know they would have to be custom rear links.

Another 11″ wheel base
Land Rover D90


VRC 468x90 Hard Body Questions/Pics

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