Help! ESC problem

Hi guys, I need again your help.

Today I had to return home with the rig in my arms:cry:

It will be a bit difficult to explain it in English but I will try it anyway. I hope you can understand the message and can help me to solve the problem:

Some days ago, since the Savox 1210SG servo has too much steering degrees I decieded to decrease it from the transmiter following the instructions from the link that some of you put in another thread (…-OM-EN-R02.pdf in order to avoid forcing the steering parts of the axes . It ran perfectly since today.

Now comes the difficult part… I would explain it more or less like this: now the servo is always turned to the right, not fully turned but some more degrees that the ones that I could solve with steering trim. The strange thing is that I have the full steering way to the right but only a bit to the left. I can´t even straighten the wheels turning the steering wheel completly to the left!

It is like by it self, the ESC configured a new left endpoint and I can´t reset it.

I tried with the stock one to discard that was a servo problem.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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