How to power a lightbar?

I am building a scale trail truck, and I need to prepare it for night runs at axialfest. I already have a small light bar on the front, which is powered by a gear head rc battery pack. This light bar does not give off enough light to see very well, and the light "beam" is very narrow. Because of this, I want to add a wider and brighter light bar, which I will mount on the roof of my truck. There is just one problem, I don’t know how to power it. I’ve researched this issue multiple times to see how other people are powering them. I came up empty. Are they plugging them into their esc or do they have a separate battery? I am running tamiya batterys, and I tried to plug it into the esc, and it was very dim. Should I upgrade to a lipo? Or can you find a battery pack that will plug into the light bar, if you can please send me a url so I can buy it on amazon. Thank you.

VRC 468x90 How to power a lightbar?

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