If Herbie were a C2

I’m building this for a friend, first we did a U4 2peed 2.2 for him. Pain in the butt hiding a shift servo! Then he came to me asking if he could get a C2…why not haha..

Build specs:
Custom chassis narrowed front and rear
SCx10 II axles
Ax10 gearbox (I think)
Scx10 Icon Shocks
Losi mini springs
Proline 1.9 Swamper Xl tires
CMS servo mount
Hitec 7954 servo
Sero Winch
Castle Esc
Roc 412
4 Seater full interior
Flip front Cowl
etc etc….

The only condition we had is he lets me design it …. 😉
paint is the classic Herbie

First off we did the chassis, nothing to special. Shock hoops bumpers and narrowing the front and rear slightly, basically its build off the design I run just improved.

20170313 191716 1 If Herbie were a C2

VRC 468x90 If Herbie were a C2

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