Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

And no, it’s not some Aussie slang.

I’m building a Vanquish Ripper – #16 to be exact.

I was fortunate enough to be in the building when they started construction of these “Halo” builds. I call it that because it really is an exercise in engineering brilliance. Much like a supercar, it’s the best of everything they have to offer, and it’s pretty cool. I consider myself very lucky to have one.

I’ve decided to throw everything at this build and try using it for this seasons’ competition in C2. There’ll be a couple things on it that won’t be specifically allowed for C2, but I’m pushing my own limits in building a truck to perform, while still keeping in the spirit of the SBG.

This will be my build thread, and much easier than my initial thought of a video build. Impossible!

Step one, inspect box. Hey, funny story, I took that picture on the box at AxialFest last year! Box is nice and has a sticker on it. Additionally, it was shipped right side up. A first for an RC manufacturer!
9Ulu6e Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

A book! I’m not here to read. Lame.
fo9zvp Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

Packing list – I know who packed this, and thanks, for including all the bits.
twW8J7 Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

Stickers made by Freqeskinz. Apparently, he will print anything you want instead of the stock stickers. I’m going to get a set with a bunch of Kittens on it.
ZrxN9Q Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

Hey neat! A truck, or at least, the beginnings to a truck.
s43CQX Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

It’s well packaged and protected from bumps or jolts and arrived without any flaws.
T4Oygh Imthatguy builds a Ripper.
tNmKYs Imthatguy builds a Ripper.
S4fVRQ Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

BVnKmW Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

This thing really is bonkers. Everything is machined. The frame, the side panels, the grille, the hood. All machined from solid aluminum. Crazy really. The fit and finish is incredible, and it’s the little details that set it apart from, well, shucks, there aren’t really any competitors. When you initiate the pre-order, as these are built to order, you get to choose all kinds of color combinations. I went for the boringest.

Bag of stuff that comes with the truck. No, not everything you need, but a substantial number of parts that will get you close.
lvDccw Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

Things from inside that bag.
QY2Nx9 Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

It’s true that the list of things required to finish one of these to drivable status is long, but this isn’t the typical truck, and I’ll forgive the omissions, as it means you get to personalize it further to your tastes. If you’re interested in finding out, check out this link.

Onto the building. Instructions are well laid out and easy to follow. Nice exploded views. No explosions.
da4Noo Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

Step one is to install the 3D printed battery box and o-rings that are used to strap down the battery.
Uc8LPu Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

Step two, install the skid plate/chassis mounts.
hyWpq6 Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

Step three, assemble the Axial chassis rails and skid. These are not included and must be sourced. Please note that I have flipped the skid, as I’ll be using Dig. Yes, I know it’s not legal in C2.
UTOXGL Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

Step four, attach rails to Ripper.
t1VEoK Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

Step five, go to bed.

More soon.

VRC 468x90 Imthatguy builds a Ripper.

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