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Well I JUST posted yesterday about my new RTR Bronco Ascender I scooped up. Charged up the batteries, set up a couple obstacles in the yard and fell in love.

SO I figured I’d make a build thread to keep everyone updated and to help learn some things myself considering I’m brand new to the hobby. I know there are quite a few Ascender Builds on here that have already helped me and hopefully this can help others/give ideas. Stay tuned! “thumbsup”

I’ll go ahead and list what I’ve done so far after having it for less than 24hrs.

I couldn’t stand the paint scheme/colors on the Bronco so I had to do something even if it was just temporary so I decided to just tape all the windows off and paint the roof black to delete the white. I painted on the outside so of course it wont hold up well with the nature of this sport. BUT it made me happy for now until I switch up bodies. Not a perfect paint job by any means but it’ll do!

I also dropped the body a small amount and cut the fender flares almost completely off. I think it looks a lot better. Lets the tires come out just enough for a more aggressive stance.


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Also, I hated the amount of torque twist I was having on take off. I know it’s a common problem with these trucks. I saw quite a few ways that people were preventing it. I decided to try moving lower shock mount to the outside of the mounting bracket. I had hell finding a local place with a bolt long enough but I manged to find a M3 Bolt about 1 1/4″ long that was just enough to make it. I also used 2 nuts and 2 washers as a spacer to make up for the shock that is now mounted on the outside. Fired it up, tried it out, and it made a world of difference. Very happy with it.

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