K5 shocks

I asked this in the newbie section but haven’t gotten an answer. First off I’m completely new to the crawler scene, I come from a basher background where faster higher and more stupid insane is the norm so I’m used to making things capable of doing big air flat landings. I purchased the new k5 blazer for two reasons, one I grew up in a 72 k5 blazer and ended up buying it from my dad in my 20s, I absolutely love this era truck, two all the guys I go bashing with started to get into crawlers pretty heavy (it just so happens they work at my lhs so they were able to lend me shop crawlers to try it out) and after going with them I had a blast. Now the shock questions. After recommendations and research I slide the rear shocks forward, switched the springs front to rear and refilled the shocks with oil. I was thinking of drilling a small hole in the cap to make them vented, is this advisable? Next, I almost purchased the proline shocks but at 60 bucks a pair it seemed like a big price tag for a small shock, are they worth it? My upgrades so far are…
1. Incision links by vanquish
2. Bead lock aluminum wheels (so many screws!)
3. Brass hubs
4. SSD hex adapters
5. Tekin fxr and hand wound 30t motor
I think that covers it, I never drove it stock. As soon as I bought it I asked the guys what I needed to keep up with there rigs (they all have some pretty impressive rigs), went home and started to install the upgrades. The truck did really well, keeping up with or out crawling all the rigs present on her maiden voyage. Thank you for reading my novel, there’s so much knowledge here I look forward to learning! 25ac4db541e30b28a35b83b1dbe5a3fd K5 shocksd0339238e633bdaf1ab1ee4a877c972b K5 shocksa51506e91955ab304daf96c5b758d503 K5 shockse8ecf7d7f35fb764f4c13f7f1ad704fc K5 shocksba477f1e5c840523fe690e343ae76b0e K5 shocks01afc80cb1afe7f88c4da761cae6e151 K5 shocks1c2d191a106718ed941683f7dbb3e15a K5 shocks

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