land rover discovery (1990's series 1 and 2) options

so i want to get back into the craling and scale game again i have a chassis picked out i want to build up but what im looking for is a shell to start the build off with and as the title sugests im looking for a discovery1 shell to build a replica of my 1:1 🙂

problem is the closest i can get to it is a discovery 3 hard body which looks nice and all but is way differant and i dont want to spend 100’s of hours to mod it to look like the old model

if someone could make a one off or something do pm me and let me know im based in australia but happy to pay for the right shell

id say id have a go at making my own mould and vacume forming one but i dont posses the right equipment for that or the budget for the vacume pump lol

and im not to great at making things from styrene aswell

VRC 468x90 land rover discovery (1990's series 1 and 2) options

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