Latest samsung android update, can it get any worse?

Dunno where to even look for answers, there never seems to be a shortage of tech-savvy members on here, so maybe someone can help before I shoot this damn phone.

2 weeks ago, another ‘mandatory’ upgrade that I postponed until it just self-installed (so much for the promise of full user control ). Now when I type a text, certain words will light up like a hot key to substitute a stupid f-ing smiley face for the actual word. I absolutely hate this ‘feature’, CS says that you can’t turn it off. I find that too hard to believe. Has anyone figured out a way to dump that stupid feature?

2nd thing that I noticed a few days ago- when typing a text, if certain seemingly random words get linked, they become a hot link. Today, as I typed the word Mt. Bike, it not only became a hot link but also forced an ad into my message that showed how that domain is available for purchase. A phone call to verizion an hour ago got me nowhere, they claim that there’s nothing wrong with the phone or text app. I simply don’t believe them anymore.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been on the edge of tossing the phone and going back to a simple, basic LG flip phone. I’m sick of trying to surf the webz, only to have a non-stop barrage of gargle sponsored ads clutter up the web page.

VRC 468x90 Latest samsung android update, can it get any worse?

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