Magic smoke ESC/ Amperage?

So I was trying to get a quick temporary setup to test my friends new pro 2 buggy (NOS) and I rounded up a random assortment of parts to do this. I ended up frying the ESC without even putting a load on the motor. Now I don’t care about the parts I fried, I know they were junk but I am curious as to why.

One mosfet fried good and the others just burned a tiny bit
JPvfWKjh Magic smoke ESC/ Amperage?
the traces for the mosfets burned through the back side of the PCB
4wFAkVuh Magic smoke ESC/ Amperage?

I used A Tekin 412 roc 3100 KV motor, a Tamiya TBLE-02s ESC that was capable of running brushless sensored motors, the other parts don’t matter as much, Traxxas servo from TRX-4 RTR and a Tamiya 2 channel receiver.

I set the ESC to brushless mode and it was functioning, using a 2S lipo. It was cogging and acting odd, but it did function for a bit. I may have gotten wire order mixed up as Tamiya doesn’t label them or use standard colors, but I assumed order didn’t matter as much, that may be the first mistake. The servo was functioning fine.

I’m thinking the real cause was the motor drawing more amps than the ESC could supply. I just now dug up specs showing the ESC can put out 60 amps but I dont know how many amps the motor was taking and I cant seem to find specs on the motor.
The ESC did finally put out some magic smoke when I held the throttle fully open for a few seconds.

I plugged the motor into my Mamba Max and its functioning just fine.

I know this combo of parts wasn’t gonna be great but I thought I’d at least get a test run out of them.

VRC 468x90 Magic smoke ESC/ Amperage?

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