~~ MNRCRC 2017 Comp #1- May 7th – Taylors Falls ~~

MNRCRC 2017 Comp #1
Date: May 7th
Location: @ Interstate state park in Taylors Falls
Time: Set-up begins approx. 9am and the comp starts around 10ish

We plan on starting at 10:00 AM for 1.9 Trail

Classes will be run in this order. In order to keep things moving, when each class starts, set your rigs at the starting gate in a line, so we know who will be running 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Here is the starting order for each class. #1 runs first on course 1. #2 runs first on course 2. #3 listed in case someone can’t make it. For Comp 1 these are based on 2016 final results.

NOTE: the New/Beginners will run on the 1.9 courses regardless of tire size. Just to get a feel for competition.

1.9 Trail
1. Adam
2. Dana
3. Derek

2.2 Trail
1. Adam
2. Nick
3. Derek

2.2 Pro
1. Barry
2. Adam
3. Dana

2.2 Sporty (used your L&C comp results as the order)
1. Adam
2. Barry
3. Nick

As always, helping with course setup or cleanup is appreciated.

The results from last week can be found here.

Detailed local rules for the rigs can be found here

No rig will be turned away. The number 1 goal is to have fun. If possible we’ll help you get your class into "the rules" but we want anyone to come out and have a good time playing with their "toys" "thumbsup"
(NOTE: a Summit or Yeti XL might struggle fitting through 16" gates, but it’d be fun to see it try)

1.9 Trail Class
Get your SCX10, Ascender, or TF2 ready. Any rig with a 1.9 (or smaller) scale tire is welcome. Bumpers, sliders, and scale tires required. Winches allowed

2.2 Trail Class
New this year is a dedicated 2.2 trail class. That’s right, got a 2.2 wraith, deadbolt, or scx10? We finally have a class for you!!!! "thumbsup"
Make sure you have some scale tires. Don’t be using cheater tires…:mrgreen:
Winches and rear steer or Dig allowed

2.2 Pro
And, as always, we will have the 2.2pro class. Anyone not familiar with the rules of this class or the rules in general can check out this link HERE.
Pro rigs include any MOA or sportsman rig (including dig) on a comp chassis with comp tires.

2.2 Sporty
Making a return for 2017 is the sporty class. These will be run on the same courses as 2.2 Pro with the USRCCA rules.

Because as we have been doing in the past, and it has been working out very well, we will share the judging duty’s. judge ~~ MNRCRC 2017 Comp #1  May 7th   Taylors Falls ~~
1st— you will time and call out penalty’s for the person before you. This will give you an opportunity to see the course before you run.
2nd— you run the course.
3rd— you will score for the person behind you. I would encourage anyone not comfortable with the rules to ask for help! I would also like to see everyone take the judges test HERE.

-MN State Park parking permits are required, but are available at the park for either a daily pass for $5 or a year pass for $25 (good at any MN state park). Season passes can be purchased ahead at places like REI
-Also there is a club fee of $5 per comp or $30 for the series. Females and young kids run for free. Ask for Kevin (nicklepimp)

Directions: (map)

From the South: Take I-35 north. Take the Taylors Falls Exit, Hwy 8 East. Follow 8 approximately 22 miles. The entrance to the park office is located on the right hand side of the road at the only stop light in Taylors Falls. Stay to the right as you enter the parking lot.

From the North: Take I-35 south. Take the North Branch Exit, Hwy 95 East. Drive approximately 22 miles, passing through downtown Taylors Falls. At the stop light (intersecting hwy 8 ) continue straight. Stay to the right as you enter the parking lot.

From the East: Take Hwy 8 west into Minnesota. After crossing the St Croix River, turn left at the first stop light. Stay to the right as you enter the parking lot. Apparently no issues with this route due to construction

If there are some new people that haven’t been to an event yet, just look for all the middle aged kids playing with toy trucks!"thumbsup"

VRC 468x90 ~~ MNRCRC 2017 Comp #1  May 7th   Taylors Falls ~~

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