MultiStar Viking Brushless Outrunner Drone Racing Motor 2206-2600kv Motor (CW)

105657 MultiStar Viking Brushless Outrunner Drone Racing Motor 2206 2600kv Motor (CW)

Just like their name sake, the Viking Motors are ready to Raid, Pillage and Plunder.

From the outset, Multistar set about designing a motor that would genuinely crush the competition. Working with the world’s best pilots, multistar set about developing a range of motors that give you the edge over the competition. Vikings of Nordic legend were greatly feared due to their sheer brutality and Team Multistar continues this tradition by striking fear in the hearts and minds of would-be drone pilots’ world over. Viking motors are the motor of choice for the 2016 Drone Racing World Champion, Shaun “NYTFury” Taylor.

So, Join the halls of Valhalla where the brave live forever.

• World champion power
• Awesome performance 
• Endorsed by Shaun “NYTFury” Taylor
• Designed to Win
• Japanese NSK Bearings
• N50SH Magnets for high temperature 
• 0.15mm Stator laminations
• .005g or better balancing
• Pre-tinned silicone wire
• CW rotation

KV(RPM/V): 2600KV
Battery: 4S LiPoly
Max current: 610w
Max Amps: 38.13A
No Load Current: 1.3A/10V
Internal Resistance: 0.056 ohm 
Number of Poles: 12/14
Dimensions(Dia.xL): 22 x 6mm
Motor Shaft: 3mm 
prop shaft: 5mm 
Weight: 29g
bolt hole spacing: 16*19 M3
Lamination thickness: 0.015mm
Magnets: N50SH
Balancing spec: .005g

1 x Viking brushless outrunner drone racing motor (CW rotation)
1 x M5 nylon lock nut
4 x M3 hex head motor screws


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