My rock rey.

Went to the LHS to buy paint and came out with a rock Rey a couple weeks ago. This thing rips while staying planted and predictable like nothing I’ve seen. Very impressed with this thing and I want to set it up to be able to do so crawling while knowing that’s not what it’s for. Has anyone geared down and locked up the front and rear? I have just about every aluminum part available along with incision links that I’ll be throwing on. I mounted some tsl’s with PL dual stage foams on methods and have taken it easy either couple times out running it with this setup. It’s possible that will set up weighs 3 times more than stock and the last thing I want to do is take away the durability that I love about this thing. Isn’t it fair to say the extra weight of those Heavy Wheels will most likely do some damage? It sure does look good though. Anyone considering I Roc Ray pull the trigger you’ll love it. Let’s get the moderators to start a specific for this thing.fb8397664785ec7330e9906a246e2e1a My rock rey.
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