My trx-4 journey

So I read a lot about the trx-4 before it was released and basically figured I’d wait to get one till next year. Well that didn’t go as planned lol so here we are.
Didn’t even run the truck just started pulling parts off to make it how I wanted. I knew before I owned it that the stock body wasn’t staying so off it went along with the bumpers and sliders and the tires/wheels. Modded the battery tray to get the small 2200 3s batteries I run to sit lower/further forward.
So far I have the mock up body where it will go,
I will mod the stock body mounts to make it work. I built new rear links to push the wb out to just a hair under 13″. Plans are to build bumpers and sliders that are tight to the body. Got a pile of stuff coming from the lhs.
Hitec 7955 servo
Castle BEC
Proline swamper XL in 1.9″
Proline ford f100 for a tmaxx
I will most likely swap the radio out since the one in the trx needs a module to adjust things and the radio itself feels like it’s from a walmart toy so I want to spend exactly $0 on it. Probably going to go with a cheap flysky since my spektrum is only a 3 channel. Hopefully I’ll get the summer out of the stock esc/mini servos before I have to spend more on better gear. I have a couple spare sets of beadlock wheels just need to decide which ones to use and I have some CI foams to go in the tires. Looking forward to getting it out on the rocks soon
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