New to crawling burning out servos

Hello, new to crawling and these forums. So Im an avid hiker and I spend a lot of time hiking in the Appalachian mountains of New England. My brother recently got me in to rock crawlers. I then decided to start taking my rc crawler on hikes with me. These are long hikes several miles several hours on rough trails and always a mountain. Problem Im having is I keep burning out steering servos, I recently burnt out a savox sw-0231mg steering servo. Still a “budget” servo. Before I just throw money that I don’t really have at a problem. Do I simply need to use a better servo or is what im trying to do with my poor Everest 10 crawler a bit much. I plan in upgrading but for now this is what I have to work with.
Ive searched around and haven’t found any threads that match my situation.

VRC 468x90 New to crawling burning out servos

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