newbie Ridgecrest questions

Hi all,
1) I bought a used Ridgecrest and took the driveshafts off the trans to change motors. The issue I’m having now is the screw that goes through the coupler to attach the driveshaft to the transmission just threads all the way through. It doesn’t tighten up. It doesn’t matter which side of the coupler I put the screw in, it will thread through and not tighten. The threads on both the screw and coupler look good.

What causes the screw to get tight? Are the threads supposed to butt up against the transmission output shaft?They tighten up fine where the shafts attach to the diffs.

2) The local hobby store had a set of RC4WD steering links. I put them on and found the poor design. I have to mount the tie rod under the knuckle to get clearance inside the wheel for 2 rod ends. The other problem is that without the shorter draglink attaching to the tie rod (as the stock design does), the tie rod flops down really low and interferes with obstacles. I’ll try to readjust the rod ends to see if I can keep it from flopping down. Right now I used a zip tie to loosely attach the tie rod to the drag link and that works fine but isn’t right.


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