OS's Ascender #3

Third time’s a charm, right?

This is my 3rd Ascender, I put one on back order the day they were announced with Horizon, built it up, drove it a while, was pretty impressed though eventually traded it off. I picked up a second roller along the way, never really did anything with it, and ended up stealing the axles and links for my Junkyard Yota build. When I saw they were discounting them down to $249, I couldn’t resist and snagged one up.

Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, basically building it stock (ish) with a few tricks I’ve learned along the way. Do plan to use it as a loaner rig as well as for my daughter to cut her teeth with.

So let’s get started…as always a box in all it’s glory! Reveling the new kit smell.
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A box of parts from the first 2, as well as a Ford body/cage setup. Not sure which body I’ll be using yet – I’ve never driven it stock per-se, having sold the body on the first kit right after I got it. I’m a Ford guy, not sure I want that Shebby body up top….But it does look good.
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Noticed quite a few differences from my first kit. Nice to see Vaterra did a few running changes along the way. I’m a nerd, and this kind of stuff excites me in a strange way. I’ll be pointing them out for others to revel in the nerdery. So here’s the new red gas tank…very nice. Found a bunch of build parts tucked inside. Like a little surprise present in the box.
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Hmm…shock towers don’t match the directions. A goof? Running change? I don’t remember. But they match the old towers I have so guess the directions are off.
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The links are a bit different color – new ones on the right. They have more of a pinkish tone to them. More food for my nerdness.
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Chassis built to a 290mmWB. Leaning towards the Ford body, so set up the chassis to match. I think…pretty easy to change if needed.
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