Outcry ESC Question

(Sorry, I know there was a thread concerning something like this a short time ago, but I can not find it)

I plan on replacing the electronics on my RTR Bully 2, but until I can afford it, does anyone know if there is anything that can be done to help with the hesitations (cogging?) at startup with forward and reverse?

I am really enjoying this rig and this has, so far, only been an annoyance and has not really kept me from maneuver where I want to go. If I could just alleviate some of this, I would be happy. I know the ESC is not programmable, but I am hoping something else can be done to help a small amount.

I have kept the stock wiring until I can get better electronics. The only thing I have done here is to check and tighten up any connection that appeared to be loose. Could this “aggravate” this problem?

Twice now, I have had someone come up to me and ask be about my crawler as they have not seen one in person and are interested in this design and type of rig. The conversation always goes really well until I get in a tight spot and the crawler starts this movement. After that, the next question usually is something like, “Whats the %?#@ is it doing that for?”. After this, they usually just kind of wonder off without saying anything.

Thank you.

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