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Hey guys I know there’s a ton of build threads, but I like to do them to keep track of my own progress as well as share ideas on everything. So here is my Bomber.
This was a kit and we all know how they go together so didn’t take many pictures there, but here are some shots of it completed minus the motor which I should have tomorrow.
I’m running a castle MMP although I have a MMX I may use
Tekin Pro4HD 3500kv sensored motor
A western robotics mini Hercules BEC
And a Torq 9180 HV servo.

The servo and BEC come from the RC Heli world which is my first love. That servo was a cyclic servo on one of my 700 size birds, it has like 245 oz-in of torque
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Picked up this cool diff cover at my LHS, waiting for another on to come in
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Marine Grease
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Found this cool 3d printed scale air scoop designed by Harley so I went ahead and printed one up. It’s actually functional in routeing air down to the ESC of its mounted on the rx box
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More to come as time progresses, I have some wheels coming as well and my various leds so I can piece together a cool light package.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned

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